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Tom Cork

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We would like to congratulate Tom Cork of Kings Lynn for passing his driving test on Tuesday 17th April. He passed with only 2 driving faults after taking driving lessons Kings Lynn with Alex Durrant Driving School. We wish Tom the best of luck with his driving and for the future.
"I chose Alex Durrant Driving School because of the great customer reviews and his high 1st time pass rate. The price of the driving lessons and deals offered were also important to me.

I was pleasantly surprised with how thorough the driving skills being taught were in comparison to my expectations.

Alex´s teaching methods were helped with the use of drawings and diagrams. I found them very helpful with his explanations of lessons which were well thought out.

I would recommend Alex Durrant Driving School to others because he was friendly and helpful with effective driving lessons".

Tom Cork of Kings Lynn

Alisha Nicholls
"I chose Alex Durrant Driving School for my driving lessons in Kings Lynn because of the good driving lesson deals and the high 1st time pass rate. I expected learning to drive to be harder than it ...
Alisha Nicholls

Tammy Ellwood
" I found Alex Durrant Driving School offering a great new starter deal on the internet. I started my driving lessons 10 years ago but I stopped them for family reasons but returned to Alex Durrant Dr ...
Tammy Ellwood

1st Time Pass Rate For 2017

Figures Based On DVSA Online Data

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