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Pass your driving test quickly and cheaply by booking your driving lessons in blocks of 10 which will be much cheaper and easier than an Intensive Driving Course. No need for time off work. No need to book accommodation. No need to pay more than is needed You book your driving lessons in blocks of 10 which can be used up to 5 hours per day to save you getting stressed out behind the wheel. You will feel more comfortable and learn quickly and cheaply. When you are ready we book your driving test for you We suggest using THEORY TEST PRO for your theory test training. Our Intensive driving lessons in Kings Lynn have been established to train learner drivers to the highest standards of competence and safety quickly and cheaply. Our aim is to teach the learner driver in a short space of time all that the Driving Standards Agency examiner will require of them for the test and beyond without spending more money than is required. During your intensive driving lessons you will be shown how to carry out 5 set manouvres to the standard that the Driving Standards Agency examiner will expect of you on your test. You will be shown all types of road environments including dual carriageways and various types of junctions. You will receive the best training.

Pass Your Driving Test Quickly

Intensive driving lessons are getting more and more popular. The latest government statistics show that such lessons are the most efficient,convenient and cost effective way of learning to drive. The main advantage of intensive driving lessons is that you are condensing driving lessons taken over a long period into a short period of time, usually within 1 month. As a result of this you will improve much quicker and cheaper so basically,you will be able to drive in days instead of months saving you a lot of money.

How Many Hours Will I Need?

When thinking about booking intensive driving lessons, please ask yourself

  1. When was the last time I drove a car?
  2. Can I do the 5 reverse manouvres without instruction?
  3. Have you taken a driving test and failed before?
  4. What was you asked to do on your last driving lesson

Your driving instructor will be able to give you more advice.

How Long Will I Have To Wait For A Driving Test?

At the Kings Lynn test centre times vary between 6 - 8 weeks waiting time.

Duncan Parsons
"the reason for choosing Alex Durrant Driving School was initially the driving lesson deal on his website but after reading his reviews Iit was also the success rate that convinced me. Learning to ...
Duncan Parsons

Clare Rye
"I went with Alex Durrant Driving School for my driving lessons in Kings Lynn because of his good reputation and also learning in a car similar to what I would be driving after passing my driving test ...
Clare Rye

1st Time Pass Rate For 2018

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